Rest is vital for families raising kids with intellectual disabilities.

Now families can experience that rest through Jill’s House, where parents receive short-term respite while their children are engaged in fun activities tailored to their interests and abilities. We know each child has unique qualities and challenges, and we are excited to learn every nuance. If you have a child with a profound intellectual disability, there is a place for your family at Jill’s House. Learn more about how you can become a part of the Jill’s House family.


“Everybody needs rest. Our families need rest; our kids need rest.”  See how Jill’s House uses rest, renewal, and relationships to help kids with intellectual disabilities and their families to flourish.

Pray With Us


Jill’s House exists and is sustained by the grace of God. Your prayers have a powerful impact on our mission and work.

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Weekend Adventures

See how our camps around the country are transforming lives!

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Meet Jill


Jill’s House is named after a very special young lady. In 1992, Jill was born a strong and healthy baby to her parents…

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