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Jill’s House has given us a sense of peace.” –Allison Radford, whose children are regular visitors to Jill’s House

For the first time in ten years, my kids were able to engage with other children without fear of rejection or ridicule.” –Jill’s House parent survey, January 2011

This past weekend at Jill’s House was the highlight of our son’s life. He could not stop talking about how wonderful everyone was and how he had such a great time at his birthday party, eating pizza and swimming. Thanks for all of the pictures, the cake, the balloons, and special attention that made his birthday party a real celebration.” –Parents of 10-year old Jill’s House kid

I’d like to thank you all again for your excellent program. My wife and I had our best weekend in 9 years, 5 months, 17 days—but who is counting?” –Russ, a Jill’s House parent

I was able to leave, after dropping my child off, knowing he was in good hands. The updates I received enabled me to relax as much as possible when coming off years of ‘high alert.’ Thank you for this beautiful endeavor.” –A Jill’s House parent

I cannot even begin to put into words the feeling I get knowing that there is a team of people dedicated to families who have children with special needs. You all gave our daughter a weekend away with friends, a sleepover and an adventure! I didn’t think my kids would ever have that opportunity, and yet, Jill’s House provides it.” –Shannon McNeil, mom to two children with special needs

Called Jill’s House, it boasts a swimming pool, gym, music room, art center, suites with bejeweled ceilings that look like outer space and a playground so cool, I’d call it seven flags.” –Petula Dvorak, Washington Post (December 2010)

As soon as you step in the door, you know that is a place that puts its emphasis on loving the kids, not merely giving the parents a break.” –Kristie Jackson, Fairfax Woman (Sept. 2011)

I know how important it is for parents to spend time without children. For families with children with special needs, the need is more intense, especially if a family has other children. They can’t just leave a child with special needs with a babysitter. Jill’s House provides an option that these families might otherwise never have had.” —Maureen McDonnell, First Lady of Virginia, December 2010