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LET GO! – Our Facility – Innovative Resort-Style Center


We love, understand and care for your children the way you do. Our 42,000 square-foot, 45-bed, innovative resort-style center provides comfortable sleeping areas for safe and secure overnight stays, with constant and watchful care from our trained, professional staff. Most importantly, children enjoy unique experiences in a community with other kids. Parents have called it the “Great Wolf Lodge for Kids with Special Needs.” At full capacity, it allows 45 children to stay overnight. Our goal is to create a “home away from home” for your child.

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The House includes:

-A Great Room with a Fireplace to Gather and Build Community
-Indoor Accessible Pool
-Cricket Symphony Music Room
-Art Room
-Technology Trails Computer Room
-Three separate sensory rooms – one for light sensation, one for gross motor skills and one for multi-sensory
-Specially equipped playground
-Three sleeping “neighborhoods” with different themes marked by incredible murals designed and painted by Julie Hoyt.
-Each neighborhood includes an activity area, a medical clinic, a dining area and room for children to watch movies and play games with their friends. Each bedroom has a TV and DVD player. Most children have their own room and accompanying bathroom, but some prefer to have “slumber parties” with siblings or friends (with parents’ permission). Beds are available with rails, without rails, and with padded rails.
-Nutritious meals that accommodate dietary needs and allergies.