About Us / History

The Journey

Jill’s House Beginnings: Helping Families Carry the Burden.

As Lon and Brenda Solomon raised Jill (see Message from Jill’s Mom), God opened the eyes of the McLean Bible Church community to see the needs of families raising children with special needs. The church began serving children and families in numerous ways through its Access Ministry. But the Solomons and McLean Bible Church continued to see desperation in families’ eyes and prayed about how to do more to help.

Trip to the Holy Land – Shalva

While leading a trip to the Holy Land, Lon Solomon toured a facility in Jerusalem named Shalva. Shalva means “peace of mind.” Shalva offers many services to children with intellectual disabilities, including overnight respite. Lon immediately recognized it as a model for meeting this crucial need for overnight respite.

The Journey began…

There are many milestones in the evolution of Jill’s House. One thing we know without a doubt is that the Lord’s hand has been with us every step of the way.


  • Mary gave the Solomons respite
  • The idea of creating a respite center shared with the congregation
  • Lon Solomon introduced to Shalva on a trip to the Holy Lands


  • 501c3 established
  • Name established
  • Capital Campaign Committee formed
  • Two Major Donors supplied the funds to build Jill’s House
  • Broke Ground on September 14, 2008
  • License granted


  • Opened and served first six children on October 15, 2010


  • Jill’s House second living area opened in April 2011
  • Jill’s House third living area opened in December 2011


  • Jill’s House reached full capacity
  • Jill’s House Fellowship Program Began
  • Jill’s House Weekend Adventures launched across the country:

-Jill’s House Blue Ridge in Loudoun County, Virginia
-Jill’s House Chesapeake Bay in Montgomery County, Maryland
-Jill’s House Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado
-Jill’s House Lake Arrowhead in Los Angeles, California
-Jill’s House Hill Country in Austin, Texas


  • Jill’s House Internship program launched
  • The inaugural Celebration of Special Children Gala


  • Jill’s House White River in Indianapolis, IN area launched


  • Jill’s House Puget Sound in Seattle, WA area launched