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JOY! – Learning & Fun

Welcome. As children arrive, they are welcomed into a friendly atmosphere and introduced to their surroundings. They play icebreakers and get-to-know-you games with peers. After the welcome time, the group transitions to more structured activities.

Activity & Learning. Jill’s House provides a variety of activities to keep children active, stimulated, and learning. At any given moment, children are:

-Playing together on our Wilderness Woods accessible playground.
-Finding fun new toys in our activity room.
-Creating a masterpiece in Creativity Creek.
-Stimulating the senses in Cosmic Craters UV room.
-Listening to a story in the Peaceful Meadows Library.
-Splashing in Wilderness Island pool.
-Jumping on the moon bounce or playing basketball in the Big Sky Gym.
-Climbing through Frontier Caves gross motor sensory room.
-Making music in Cricket Symphony music room.

While developing our activities, we rely on the input of parents of children with special needs, pediatricians, audiologists and experts in recreational therapy, music therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.