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EXHALE! – Care & Safety

Jill’s House staff love children with special needs. Our staff believe that serving these children is “a calling.” All staff undergo extensive training and fingerprint-based background checks. Whenever children are at Jill’s House, a nurse is there as well. Qualified childcare workers and CNAs who have demonstrated excellence, love for children, and a spirit of fun complete the team.

Volunteers Serving

To give children a better experience, we select qualified volunteers to participate in activities with children. These volunteers have a deep love for children, and undergo training and background checks to ensure they are trustworthy and equipped to support your child.

How Safe is My Child at Jill’s House?

A team of caregivers, parents and expert builders designed our facility to provide world-class safety and world-class fun. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for your child to learn, play and make new friends while you take time to rest

Health Safety

Nurses are available around the clock to attend to your child’s needs. We work to understand your child’s medication schedule and medical profile to ensure your child is as safe with us as they are with you. All staff members receive extensive training in First Aid, CPR and the unique needs of children. Jill’s House is equipped with lifts to make transitions easier. We monitor the health of your children day and night.

Physical Safety

At Jill’s House, your child is part of a group of children who are under the care of a nurse at all times. Within this group, your child and one to three other children (depending on level of need) are under the direct supervision of a qualified childcare specialist, who may have a volunteer assisting. To ensure our staff gets to know your child, we aim for “continuity of care,” so that your child interacts with just two or three childcare specialists during their time at Jill’s House. Jill’s House is secured through key card access, preventing elopement, and allowing only the right people to move through the building at the right times. All staff members are subjected to rigorous fingerprint-based background checks and a week or more of mandatory training.

Dietary Safety

We provide healthy, fun, USDA-approved meals. We strive to accommodate dietary restrictions, like gluten-free and casein-free, and develop menus that match your child’s preferences.