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Inspiring videos. Transparent and from the heart. Learn how Jill’s House has changed the lives of these families – through respite.

Knowing you are expecting a child with an intellectual disability can turn your world upside down. Having that child and facing the constant care the new baby requires can be exhausting. Choosing to adopt more children with special needs, when you already have four biological children of your own, is a true, living example of God’s goodness and grace.
Clark Family
Meeting the needs of any child can be taxing. For parents of multiple children with special needs, the challenge is immense. Jill’s House is honored to serve families like the Creightons.
Creighton Family
When Chloe comes home from Jill’s House, it looks like she’s shining. I don’t know how else to explain her joy.
Hajaligholi Family
For a night, Jill’s House carries the burden and we can rest.
Johnson Family
At Jill’s House, Jaison is valued and appreciated for who he is. He is no longer isolated and neither am I.
Joseph Family
God’s timing is amazing. We needed a break so badly, and it came the first weekend Sterling visited Jill’s House.
Marsh Family
Jill’s House provides a break for my husband and me, and gives Clay a place to go be with his peers and to be treated with such kindness.
Munroe Family
That first weekend that Anna and Eric stayed at Jill’s House I think I checked my cell phone every five minutes, but Allison and I stayed out later than we had in years because we knew we could. Now, Anna and Eric love coming to Jill’s House so much that they often ask us, ‘When can we go to Jill’s House again?
Radford Family
At Jill’s House, Victoria isn’t just being cared for,” said Cheri. “For Victoria, it is as if she is at Disney World.
Schipper Family
We stumbled upon the biggest gift when we left Chicago,” says Sheryl Warne. “We probably would’ve been willing to move here just for Jill’s House!
Warne Family
Trinity’s visits to Jill’s House give her freedom to get away and have fun and gives us a breather so we can refresh and be better caregivers to Trinity.
White Family