Who We are

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Quotes from Our Parents
He has a lot of challenges in communicating but one thing I know is if he wants to go back somewhere he liked it. In the car on the way home I always ask if he’d like to go back to Jill’s House sometime and he ALWAYS says yes so I know he enjoys his time at Jill’s House
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Quotes from Our Parents
One of the biggest gifts Jill’s House gives us is knowing that we can do things that would be extremely difficult to do if we had our son with us. It lets us plan our lives. We know he’s safe and cared for at Jill’s House. We’ve gotten to do things we might have never been able to do if we didn’t have Jill’s House.
Quotes from Our Parents
"My husband and I were like two ships passing in the night. We were both sleepless and frustrated. All we did on the weekends when our daughter was at Jill's House was sleep... We credit Jill's House with keeping us together. There was no way for us to come together as a couple until Jill's House came into the picture."
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About Us


Jill’s House is a Christian Nonprofit organization that provides families raising kids with intellectual disabilities, ages 6-17, with short-term overnight respite care in the DC metro area and around the country.


Kids enjoy fun activities tailored to their interests and abilities for 24-48 hour stays, meanwhile their parents get a chance to rest and recharge. We offer care for the whole family through regularly scheduled typical sibling nights, parent support groups, and family retreats.


Rest is vital for families raising kids with intellectual disabilities, due to the high amount of stress they face every day. Respite care is proven to reduce this stress by 60% within the first night, and helps create a healthier environment of balance for the family  as a whole.

    Activities We Offer

   – Pet Therapy
   – Arts & Crafts
   – Gym & Bounce House
   – Wheelchair Accessible Pool
   – Music Therapy
   – Sensory Rooms
   – Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas
   – Educational Show & Tells
   – Community Meals

Our Client Care Staff

Client Care Specialists

Our Client Care Specialists (CCS) are responsible for the guidance and supervision of their assigned clients. They are trained in therapeutic options in order to provide basic care, assistance with activities of daily living, and activity guidance in a safe, nurturing environment.

Nursing Staff

Our Nursing staff ensures that all medications are administered to each client, that any injuries are attended to, and that all medical emergency will be cared for. They are trained to attend to your child’s medical needs in a professional and safe way. 

Parents Get a Break

Caring for kids with intellectual disabilities is complex. Whether due to specific behavioral needs, strict medication regimen, or special equipment most people have never seen, parents can’t simply call up a babysitter to get a break.

Enter, Jill’s House! We hire excellent and loving staff and equip them with all the training they need to care for children with intellectual disabilities. This allows parents to truly rest knowing their child is both remarkably safe and having the time of their life! In short, we give parents time.

We call this time, respite.

Respite allows families to go from feeling…..

To experiencing…

You can make
it happen.

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